Schafer Construction crews are experienced in wood and metal stud framing, structural steel erection and bar joist/pan deck installations. Whether your project is commercial space, multi-family, or a large-scale residence with complex, multi-pitch roof structures, we offer the advantage of production framing techniques with an overriding concern for quality.

Highest Quality Framing

As lumber quality continues to decrease, you need a framing contractor that recognizes the importance of a well-built frame with an eye for detail.  Sub-contractors that follow behind us are quick to point out the differences in our work over other framers in the valley.  Plumbers, electricians and drywall hangers have expressed their appreciation for a home that considers proper layout and avoids expensive re-work by the trades.  Our clean, safe and well-organized job sites promote a feeling of confidence in your clients that you are staffing their project with the best sub-contractors available.

Wood and Steel Structures

Today’s structures are often hybrid or composite structures of both wood and steel.  Traditionally, framing contractors have specialized in one or the other leaving the general contractor to deal with two subcontractors for the structure.  By offering both wood and steel erecting services, Schafer Construction streamlines the structural phase of your project.

Our Equipment, Your Peace Of Mind

Schafer Construction crews are fully equipped with tools and machinery including manlifts, forklifts and a 26-ton boom truck.  Owning our own equipment improves both efficiency and safety on the job-site.